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Hi, my name is Jann, I want to tell you a little bit about me; my Pomeranians,  Pomapoos and Pomcis. I live in a small town in northwest Missouri. I am not a "breeder" in the regular definition of the word. I do not use breeder speak or treat my kids like they are live stock, they are my kids. They ALL live in my home with me. I have said on many occasions that my home is an over sized dog house, and I am their live in maid, but I would not have it any other way. We all play inside and out, we play tug, and catch, and just run around. Each kid has certain things they like to do with me and I try to make a point to play with each of them every day, no matter my schedule. 






Pomeranian Mommies

                                              Shasta Leigh, Ginger Ann, May Bell.



Pomeranian Daddies

                                               Boris Paval, Leo Mason



                                               Poodle Daddy

                                                  Rocky Pete




                                               Pomapoo Mommies

                                          Sandy Jo, Gillie Jill Ann, May Bell




                                                Pomapoo Daddy

                                                      Cole Dean



                                                                                Pomchi Daddies

                                              Bullet Leroy, Jasper Kane



 You can see pictures of all of my kids on either the "My Girls" or

"My Boys" pages.

















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