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 All of the puppies born in my house are raised around other dogs, kids. For the first week they are in a kennel (which I call the birthing house), since this is where they are born. After that I move them and mommy to a larger "house" in the "puppy nursery" this way mommy still gets the privacy she wants.There is food in the "little house" for mommy all of the time and mommy also gets extra protein from other sources. The healthier mommy eats, the better for the puppies. Since the food is available all of the time, the puppies can start eating food on their own schedule.
When they are old enough, about 3-4 weeks, I introduce them to the other dogs outside of their houses. Eventually they are out of their "little house" more often than they are in it. Whith the babies and mommies having a nursery it makes it much more enjoyable for  them. There is a baby gate over the door so I can hear them, also to keep them in and safe. I leave the doors open on their houses so they can go back in if they want to, there are toys and bones for them to play with. 

Between the age of 3-5 days I take the puppies in to have their dew claws removed. Dew claws are the nails on the side of the feet, they could have none or they could have one on each foot. I have them removed because in my experience  when left they can cause problems.

At five weeks each puppy receives their first shot and first dose of wormer. At seven weeks they receive their second shot and their second dose of wormer.

 I do keep this recorded in a medical book for each puppy. This book goes home with the puppy with his/her new mommy/daddy.



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