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                                                                                                       Pommeranian Savvy
                                                             Find out about Pommeraninan training and care                                                                                    This is a great resource to learn about your new puppy     



      Paws N Claws Eyewear          

The brand that makes you feel good!                         


   Buy a pair of glasses & benefit the ASPCA at the same time 





I shop here a lot, on line and in store.

It is the place to go. Hard to find items                                                                friendly people, and great prices!


Dog Training Information

Learn to train your dog with the information on our site.





   Fine Woodcrafts by Jon

  I creat unique wood crafted items for all to enjoy.

 Everything from pet pieces to sports to millitary. Some with clocks!

 These hand made woodcraft items are great gifts for any occasion.

                                         Many items can be customized!




Online Shopping
Discount online shopping with the worlds                                                                     

most popular shopping malls, boutiques,                                                                       Everything from bed to meds.

shops, warehouses, dropshipping and outlets,

it is all about good shopping                                            


www.NaturalDogFoodStore.com                                                                                                                                               Natural Dog and puppy food                                                                                                                                                       Shipped fresh to your door.                                                                                                                                                    Holistic vet formulated                                                                                                                                       

             NEVER RECALLED




                                                                                                                                                                        Shop online for premier pet products at




Welcome to All Pets Discount Supply!  We love pets as much as you do. We provide the highest  quality dog, cat, small animals, birds and aquarium supplies available online.
Everything we sell is made to bring joy and happiness to our pets and with your family.




Dog skin care and wound care products that are made from natural oils and herbs.

Works extremely well at healing all kinds of skin problems.








Pets-R-Loved offers custom embroidery for pet owners and pet professionals.

You can choose from hundreds of designs in dog, cat, horse, and companion bird 

categories or have a photo re-created in embroidery. 10% discount for pet professionals





  Offering the best products for your furry BFF.

   Everything recommended is approved by the discerning dog duo,

Baldwin and Bliss.  www.alphadogpr.com/shop.html



Specializing in neckwear and accessories for dogs (and some cats)

We fit neck sizes from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs.

We dress your dog to the "canines" for any special event.






See your dog or cat in a life like piece of quality jewelry in your choice of sterling silver or 14kgold. We now offer breed specific dog pendants, rings and charms.

Available, Fazio's Life like replicas made to last for generations.                                                                                            www.fazioscatjewelry.com/dog-jewelry-1/




The picture book sets contain a picture book with music sheet and CD , a companion coloring book with non-toxic crayons, the girls have a choice of a muff/handbag/plush, the boys' set contains a companion puzzle and all this is inside a vinyl carrying case. This is a quality product, very cleverly packaged, to give your child an educational, musical, entertaining, and interactive experience bundled into one adventure! Give that special child a unique gift, at any time, for any reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        kidzentertainmentinc.com



      Carol's Dog Scarves

"What the well-dressed dog is wearing"        

             Dan Walker

               Liberty, MO


               Contact Dan directly  @



 or http://linkedin.com/in/dannylwalker







             My Fabulous Puppy                                                                                                                “All Dogs Deserve to be Fabulous”                                                                                                                          myfabulouspuppy.com

My Fabulous Puppy is an American made up-cycled luxury lifestyle brand of pet fashions. Trendy, classic and preppy dog apparel for your one of a kind pet. All products are handcrafted in Troy, MI, specializing in sweaters, shirts, coats, collars and neck warmers.                      

Our products can be found online and in boutiques in California and Chicago, more recently also found in New York Farmer Market


  -First order min of 5 items for wholesale pricing (50% off). All future orders must have 10 items min for discount.      Use code "WHOLESALE" at checkout.

  -Free delivery in Metro Detroit Area, any shipping charges incurred at time of order will be refunded within 24 hrs.

  -NET/30 payment options available when 20 items or more are purchased.





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