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04-28-2020 12:15:38 PM CST

Taken last winter, Elsa loves the snow. I hope you have been well.

Jann    palmpombabies@yahoo.com
05-04-2019 11:32:46 AM CST
Thank you Kathy. Pebbles is gorgeous!

Kathy Boydston    Kathylboydston@gmail.com
04-07-2019 10:11:46 PM CST

I just wanted you to see how cute Pebbles turned out!

07-16-2017 5:05:38 PM CST

Jewel outside enjoying the weather

Lucy, Ethel, and the Aubuchons
06-03-2017 8:43:46 PM CST

Hey Jann! Here's a new picture of Lucy and Ethel after they got groomed! The puppies miss you

MaryEllen Jones and Tai   maryellenjones@outlook.com
04-29-2017 11:43:24 AM CST

Here is Tai at the Day Care

MaryEllen Jones and Tai   maryellenjones@outlook.com
04-29-2017 11:40:44 AM CST

Tai is now a therapy dog with the Denver International Airport as a part of their CATS (Canine Airport Therapy Squad) program as well as visiting an adult day care for people with learning difficulties

The Aubuchons
02-04-2017 4:02:17 PM CST

Hi, Jann! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years. Lucy and Ethel are doing great! They were definitely spoiled

Haler Family
12-28-2016 4:01:15 PM CST

Seasons Greetings Jann. Hope you are doing well. Here is our annual picture of Lilly. She is doing great! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

12-24-2016 9:53:28 AM CST

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Clarks. Tango & Mambo (Bam Bam & Moe in 2015) are doing great, spoiled rotten.

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
12-06-2016 11:18:54 PM CST
Sky, Jewel has grown into such a beautiful girl. Thank you so much for sharing her picture! Anytime you are ready for another baby, just give me a call.

Sky   Skysimone9@gmail.com
11-19-2016 3:15:40 PM CST

Jann, Jewel is doing great! Her birthday is almost here! 2 years ago you blessed me with my bestie. She's beautiful and I'm so happy I chose you.. You breed wonderful dogs. I'll be coming to you again in the future. -Sky

Jane   jewtty@sbcglobal.net
09-25-2016 2:44:42 PM CST
I just spoke to Jann on the telephone and we had a great conversation. I can tell she has lots of love for all of her puppies. I will stay in contact with this wonderful lady, to check on a new baby to add to my family.

Tiffany   tiffany.lynn.taylor@gmail.com
09-13-2016 8:23:58 PM CST
Hi! Do you know when you will begin breeding again?! I am interested in adding to the family :)

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
08-23-2016 12:58:57 AM CST
To blanton4@att.net Thank you for contacting me about a stud dog. I tried to contact you and apparently the email address is not correct. :( If you could please email me directly that would be great. :) I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Fran   blanton4@att.net
08-09-2016 12:20:14 AM CST
Interested in breeding my 9 year old pom, ceam baby, so she can be a Mom. Any suitable studs in the area?

The Aubuchon's    Laubuchon@watlow.com
08-02-2016 1:28:31 PM CST

The girls just turned one! I can't believe a little over a year ago we came to pick them up. Time flys🐶🐶

06-21-2016 9:23:32 PM CST

Hi Jann! We wanted to share an updated picture of Ali. These were taken after her first trip to the groomer for a bath and touch up. She is the sweetest. She loves to torment her big sister Ginger. Ali has been a wonderful addition!

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
03-24-2016 3:31:20 PM CST
Thank you all so much for the updates and the pictures. It means a lot that you take the time to do that for me. Please give all of the babies hugs and kisses. ;) Happy Easter to you all!

Alishas   howard.alisha@gmail.com
03-10-2016 9:05:52 AM CST

Hello Jann, thought I would give you an update on Elsa. She is so sweet and loving I could not have asked for a better best friend. She comes with me literally everywhere some people don't think she is real because she never barks and gets rowdy. Sorry for the picture in the dirty shop, I was visiting my dad and I didn't want her on the floor so I put her on the counter, she stayed right where I put her. She is truly amazing. Thank you so much.

The kids
03-06-2016 3:26:06 PM CST

Happy as can be

02-15-2016 6:54:37 PM CST

Ali, taken at about 11 weeks.

02-15-2016 6:53:36 PM CST

Ali with big sister, Ginger...a love/hate relationship like most siblings: )

02-15-2016 6:52:26 PM CST

Finally getting some pictures posted of Ali (Marcie)....we are all adjusting well. Trying not to spoil her to much

The Aubuchons
02-14-2016 4:08:50 PM CST

Close up of Lucy

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