Pictures of  My Girls





This is Ginger Ann, she is a pure bred Pomeranian. She was born on July 5, 2013. She is called a parti, she has beautiful snow white hair with ginger patches. Ginger weighs around 8 pounds.                         








This is Sandy Jo Jo, born Oct. 13, 2011. She is a first generation Pomapoo. Her hair that looks more like a Poodle, and the tail of a Pomeranian. She weighs around 7 1/2 pounds.




This is Gillie Jill Ann, she was born Oct. 26, 2013. She is a beautiful second generation Pomapoo. Her color is cream sable and her hair is a nice mix of Pomeranian and Poodle. Gillie weighs around 7 - 8 pounds.





This is May Bell, a pure bred Pomeranian, she was born on May 30, 2013. She is a beautiful black with a white chest, both hands white tipped and one foot. May Bell weighs around 8 pounds.




This is Hope Lynn. She is a beautiful tri color pure bred Pomeranian. Hope was born on Dec. 12, 2014 and weighs around 8 pounds. | Missouri, Unites States | Call: (660) 533-2229

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