Expectant Mommy - Pomeranian- Hope Lynn


I decided to do this page because I thought if famous women could show off their baby bumps why should my girls be any different? I mean they are famous too; right? They are famous to me, and to each one of you who has one of their babies or who is going to have.


 So I thought this would be a fun way to show mommies while they are pregnant. I will tell you how each mommy is doing and their little quirks, and post pictures of baby bellies. I will post other pictures as well.








Hope Lynn                                                                                                    Leo Mason



Hope and Leo's babies are due between May 28 - June 3, 2017. With this being Hope's first time being pregnant she s doing great! She has had no morning sickness, YEAH ME! She has not been overly demanding or cranky. She has been quietly growing her babies while still playing with the othher kids. Do not get me wrong she does beg, and get food from me. She also lets me know when she wants her puppy food. I started giving her back rubs last week, which she likes, but does not demand them, like other mommies to be do,lol She is sleeping a lot more, which is to be expected. Hope is haviing a very easy pregnancy. :)


                              May 18, 2017


Hope is doing great for this being her first pregnancy. She is not being bossy or whinny or any of the things I am used to. She has finally started asking for back rubs though, which I am happy to give.


She happily eats her ham or string cheese or whatever elce I give her. I am trying to stick with just puppy food but that is hard to do.


I finally got around to taking a couple of pictures of her baby belly, I hope you enjoy them.





Hope had her babies on May24, 2017. Please go to "Available Pomeranian Puppies - Hope"


Also go to http://www.facebook.com/palmpombabies

to read and see pictures of how Hope's mommy Shasta helped her have the babies. This kind of thing just does not happen, :)























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