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 I decided to do this page because I thought if famous women could show off their baby bumps why should my girls be any different? I mean they are famous too; right? They are famous to me, and to each one of you who has one of their babies or who is going to have.


 So I thought this would be a fun way to show mommies while they are pregnant. I will tell you how each mommy is doing and their little quirks, and post pictures of baby bellies. I will post other pictures as well.






Judith Eileen                                                                         Teddy Roosevelt


Judith had her babies on Nov. 9, 2019. Please see "Available Pomsky Puppies - Judith"


Judith and Teddy are expecting their babies between Nov. 6 - 13. This is Judith's first time having babies.

Judith and Teddy's babies are F1. This means the Pomsky puppies are 1/2 husky and 1/2 Pomeranian. The puppies will be between 10 - 20 pounds full grown. Each baby will be $2000 with a $500 nonrefundable deposit. All babies will have their dew claws removed and be kept up to date on shots and worming.

   Oct 23, 2019

Judith's baby belly






































































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