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Haler Family
10-30-2014 12:38:21 PM CST

Hi Jann, I just had to share this picture of Lilly in her Halloween costume. She is going to be Dorothy. As you can see by her face, she is very excited to be wearing it! haha

MaryEllen   maryellenjones@q.com
10-18-2014 3:01:11 PM CST

Here is the picture I was talking about. I would send you another one but I can't figure out how to send a second picture.

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
10-12-2014 1:25:16 PM CST
Yes I will be having several babies at the end of November and beginning of December. Please see the "Who is Breeding with Who" tab for details.

09-28-2014 9:09:00 PM CST
Will you have puppies available again?

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
08-26-2014 12:05:53 PM CST
Cassidy, thank you so much for the picture. I can not believe how much he looks like Leo. What a handsome boy!

Cassidy Rein   cassidy.rein@gmail.com
05-23-2014 12:44:01 PM CST

Beau at 10 months! Looks just like his daddy (:

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
04-16-2014 8:21:01 AM CST

This is Fiona, Strawbe and Boris' baby girl. In this picture she is three and a half months old. Her mommy Christa took Fiona for her first grooming. She is just so precious I had to share.

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
12-27-2013 1:46:58 PM CST
Haler Family: Thank you so much for the picture of Lilly. I think she gets cuter every year. Please pass on a hug and kiss from me. Have a wonderful year!

Haler Family
12-27-2013 12:50:41 PM CST

Season's Greeting Jann! Here is our annual Christmas picture of Lilly! She is doing GREAT! She likes to keep her brothers in line and let them know she is the princess of the house. =) We absolutely adore this little girl!! Best wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Faye Lapp   felapp3@yahoo.com
06-23-2013 6:48:38 PM CST
I do not have a business to promote, just a free sharing of a practical, effective protocol for recovering missing pets. I do this upon request via felapp3@yahoo.com or 740-229-0811

Even more Zoe!
06-03-2013 11:51:29 AM CST

She's the best dog (ssssh she thinks she's a people) ever!!

More Zoe
06-03-2013 11:48:17 AM CST

She loves to pose

Tammi/Zoe   Thomastamara80@gmail.com
06-03-2013 11:44:03 AM CST

Zoe celebrated her 2nd birthday and is happy, healthy and just adored by our family (and everyone else who meets her) we get stopped all the time for folks to tell us how beautiful she is. She's more fun and adorable everyday!

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
04-27-2013 10:12:05 AM CST
Thanks so much for the picture of Wally! He looks very happy with you, just as I knew he would be. Please keep me updated with pics as often as you can. Tell him I love him and give him hugs and kisses for me. You guys have lots of fun together.

04-21-2013 5:09:44 PM CST

Me and Wally on the way home from Jann's house! We have bonded so much all ready I love him so much! And he seems really happy to! Thanks so much Jann. Best dog I've ever had!

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
04-03-2013 3:38:59 PM CST
Happy Birthday Foxy! Big hugs and kisses baby girl!

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
04-03-2013 3:36:59 PM CST
Chantel, that is such s sweet picture of George and Kami. You can tell that is her spot. By looking at the picture, I wonder who Kami "belongs" to? You guys or Goerge?

04-03-2013 12:23:18 PM CST

Happy Birthday to me. I had a great birthday. We stopped in Wyoming and get my own icecream cup. What a great day. A new necklace also.

Sweet Gentle George
03-20-2013 4:33:54 PM CST

Road Trip to fetch Samantha from school. George is so gentle and sweet with her and training her as well, gotta love that she is his little shadow :)

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
02-26-2013 9:39:30 PM CST
Chantel, I am so glad you found a playmate for George. Kami Rose is so cute and they look so cute playing together. I am sure he will be a great big brother to her. I look forward to more pictures :) Please give George hugs and kisses for me.

02-24-2013 10:43:53 PM CST

Finally managed to get some of George and Kami Rose playing, she is a little spitfire and George is loving her.

George's New little Sister
02-20-2013 8:56:25 PM CST

Hi Jann, wanted to share the great news we have a little sister for our George, he is loving her and is so sweet to her. She adores George! Meet our little Kami Rose.

02-06-2013 5:30:46 PM CST

I just had show you Foxy's new collar.She feels more like a princes now.

Contesas Foxy Dancer
01-16-2013 6:14:36 PM CST

Another fun place I got to go to. metoropolis, Il.

Contesas Foxy Dancer   lillsedona@hotmail.com
01-16-2013 6:11:21 PM CST

Hi Jann, We just left utah and now were going to L.A. Can't wait for the sandy beaches, I did enjoy eating the snow and chasing my brother around. Thank you for my wonderfull mommy and daddy

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