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The Aubuchons
02-14-2016 4:07:27 PM CST

Happy valentines day Jann!Lucy and Ethel are having a great first valentines day. They both got groomed and now they are playing and running around the house(Ethel is on the right Lucy is on the left).

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
12-31-2015 1:45:38 PM CST
Haler Family, Thank you so much for my yearly picture. I always look forward to seeing how Lilly has grown. I think she gets more beautiful every year. Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you all have a spectacular 2016.

Haler Family
12-26-2015 10:46:01 AM CST

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lilly is doing great! Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2016!

Michael Smith   msmith12076@kc.rr.com
11-13-2015 9:54:42 AM CST

Peanut, who we got from you in July, is such a great dog. Great disposition, beauty and intelligence. Everyone at the dog park marvels at him. He is very popular.

All babies   Lillesonda@hotmail.com
10-20-2015 1:27:10 PM CST

U can't see me Sam, Cleo, Foxy

Judy   jkcdancer@yahoo.com
08-24-2015 5:39:01 PM CST

Here's a closeup of Mambo (Moe).

Judy   jkcdancer@yahoo.com
08-24-2015 5:37:38 PM CST

Here's a closeup of Tango (Bam Bam).

Judy   jkcdancer@yahoo.com
08-24-2015 5:32:10 PM CST

An update on Tango AKA Bam Bam & Mambo AKA Moe. Growing like weeds. Tango is 4 mos. & Mambo is 3.5 mos. losing their baby coat & leggy looking. Starting the "Ugly Stage". Both have streaks of new coat down their backs. Tango's is really red & Mambo's is dark red with black. Doing good with their training. Love em to pieces. 🐶

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
07-26-2015 1:03:08 PM CST
Michael, Thank you for the picture of Curly. Did you decide to change his name? If so to what?

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
07-26-2015 1:00:48 PM CST
Sky, thank you for the pictures of Jewel. She is getting so big, and she is still a beauty!

Michael   msmith12076@kc.rr.com
07-14-2015 4:12:54 PM CST

Thanks Jann, "Curly" is exploring & having fun in his new home. Thank you for all your help & advice! He rode home quiet & slept in Evgeniya's arms.

Sky M
07-11-2015 9:50:55 PM CST

Another picture of Jewel and her BF :)

Sky M
07-11-2015 9:49:48 PM CST

Hey Jan! I just wanted to let you know that Jewel is doing amazing! She's such a smart beautiful dog! We love her so much!! Thank you so much!!

02-05-2015 5:34:58 PM CST

Thank you Janet for my new baby Brody! He means everything to me!

02-01-2015 6:01:18 PM CST

My new baby, Jewel! She's so beautiful! Thank you Jann!

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
01-10-2015 2:07:51 AM CST
Kazerani family, thank you so much for the picture of Pepper. 7.3 pounds, wow! She is getting big fast. I am so glad she had a good first Christmas, I hope Santa Dog brought her some neat stuff. I look forward to more pictures. I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
01-10-2015 2:03:30 AM CST
Haler family, Lilly is getting so big! She is prettier every year. Thank you for my annual picture, I do look forward to them. I hope your family has a wonderful 2015.

The Kazerani Family   avaruby@gmail.com
12-28-2014 5:01:53 PM CST

Hi Jann! Just wanted to tell you Pepper had an amazing first christmas!! she nkw weighs 7.3 pounds and is uper healthy!

The Kazerani Family   avaruby@gmail.com
12-28-2014 5:01:50 PM CST

Hi Jann! Just wanted to tell you Pepper had an amazing first christmas!! she nkw weighs 7.3 pounds and is uper healthy!

Haler Family
12-26-2014 9:24:01 AM CST

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jann! Lilly is doing great! She is such a wonderful little girl! Wishing you a blessed and prosperous New Year!!

Sky McGaugh
11-30-2014 2:13:13 PM CST
Cant wait to see Shasta's babies!! I'm so excited to see my new fur baby. January 31st couldn't come any faster!! Post pics when they arrive!! Sky

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
11-21-2014 8:30:55 PM CST
Thank you so much for the update and picture of George. I was just looking at his pictures the other day and wondering about him. It does not surprise me that George took Bella in, he has a big heart. Please give him a big kiss and hug for me. Happy Thanksgiving.

11-18-2014 8:11:26 PM CST

Hey Jann, I thought I'd give you an update and George. He is healthy and if I am not watching him tearing off down the road to Samantha playing at the neighbors house. Over the summer we rescued a kitten from the humane society and she adores George and Kami the three of them are bonded pals. George taught her how to beg for cookies. He went from being such a shy little guy to now, hyper fun and the life of the party. I attached a picture of George and his playmates, Kami and Bella

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
11-07-2014 11:41:37 AM CST
Haler family, what a nice surprise to get a picture of Lilly before Christmas :) I just love her costume! How did you get her to keep the wig on? Give her kisses for me.

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
11-07-2014 11:38:26 AM CST
MaryEllen, thank you for the picture of your sweet baby boy. He looks so much like his mommy! I look forward to see more pictures of him. Kisses for the baby.

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