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Haler Family
04-20-2011 8:33:03 AM CST

Lilly is doing great! 6 months old and she is growing into a beautiful girl. Her colorings have changed and she is gorgeous!! Still a diva!

Brenda   Brendagulledge05@yahoo.com
04-12-2011 6:34:43 PM CST
I would love a mix of pom and poodle mix

Brenda   Brendagulledge05@yahoo.com
04-12-2011 6:34:43 PM CST
I would love a mix of pom and poodle mix

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
02-27-2011 2:33:21 PM CST
Thank you so much for posting all these pictures and keeping me up to date. It warms my heart so much to see the babies are doing well and are happy. Thank you again, and please keep sending pictures and stories. Jann

Haler Family
01-09-2011 7:27:50 PM CST

Just wanted to share Lilly's (aka Rosie) Christmas picture wearing her pretty Christmas dress. She is doing great!

Haler Family
12-09-2010 8:31:00 PM CST

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know Lilly (aka Rosie) is doing great! She is such a diva!!!

Green Family
10-25-2010 4:43:25 PM CST

Ginger's first puppy cut back in March. She was almost 4 months old.

Green Family
10-25-2010 4:40:59 PM CST

Ginger (Big Girl 2) at about 7 months fresh from the poodle parlor.

Leslie   Angels_surround@hotmail.com
06-24-2010 2:05:59 PM CST
I would be very interested in a pomapoo puppy. Please let me know if you decided to add them to your faimly

05-25-2010 8:14:44 PM CST

Diamond and Mister (Jill and Jack) are doing great. My daughter was thrilled when she got her very own baby. We are still working on house breaking but not doing to bad overall. These two crack us up all the time with ther antics. Thanks you so much for letting us have 2 precious angels. Lisa

Marion Nelson
05-02-2010 9:35:26 AM CST

We are absolutely thrilled with Dollar. He has adjusted well and is a delightful addition to our family. Dollar has a wonderful temperment: is playful, intelligent and sweet. We can tell you and Connie spent a great deal of time with him. He can play fetch, knows the word no and will let us know when he needs to go outdoors(he hasn't even had an accident). Thank you for giving this puppy such a wonderful start and be assured that he will be raised in a loving home. him

Jann   palmpombabies@yahoo.com
04-25-2010 6:23:06 PM CST

This is Lisa with her new toy poodle baby, Jill.

03-03-2010 11:31:53 AM CST

This is the Green family with their new addition, a miniature Poodle they named Ginger.

Lindsay Diaz
02-17-2010 11:09:40 AM CST

Hi Jan, Just wanted to let you know that Lilly is doing great. This is her now. She's still tiny as can be. A little over 3 lbs. She's super social and loves being around everyone. She is just perfect. Playful and cuddly, also a little honrey but we love that about her. She likes to wake us up in the morning my jumping on our faces and giving us kisses. We love her so much. Thanks for everything. :) Lindsay

12-03-2009 11:07:55 PM CST

I have not gotten a puppy from Janet, but I know her closely and I know for a fact that she has some amazing dogs and amazing love to go along with that! I would reccomend her to anyone who was searching for a great addition to their family. Mariah Woods Logan Creek Kennels #2 Labrador Retriever Junior

Don & Sue Storm
08-23-2009 4:58:10 PM CST
Just a note to let you know that Molley the new black puppy is doing just fine and is setteling in faster than we thought. She is an amazing little girl and passed her tests at the Vets office with flying colors. She has only had three accidents and two were dads fault for not taking her right out after her nap in the afternoon. She likes her sleeping pen and goes in by herself. She doesn't whine or wimper. Eating and drinking us out house a home. Crawls over the top of her wire outdoor playpen and seems quite proud of it but she doesn't know we hsave ordered da mire mesh top for it. Runs like a cray lady in her big back yard and play's ball like it's normal thing. We could not be more pleased with her.She is much more than we expected. Molly is our third girl poodle over the years and you can easly tell you played with her and started teaching her to potty outside. Good work Janet-Connie. She is a lover. I would sure recomend her to others with out hesitation. More with pictures in the near future. Don-Sue & Molly who is now a South central Kansas Girl.

Ashley   kittyloveas@hotmail.com
06-04-2009 2:34:16 AM CST

Hey Janet! Its me Ashley and Jasmine! We are doing great and Jasmine is such a little sweetheart. She does go for our feet and taunts our cat from time to time but she's a bundle of joy! Let me tell you she is super smart! She knows how to sit and give me paw and she rarely has accidents in the house now. Today we just took her for her puppy education class and she was the most well behaved puppy, most the time she didn't want me to take her off my lap. I think she was afraid of the baby boxer next to us who was whining at the other dogs who were playing and his owner didn't let him in on the fun. I'm trying to get a digital Camera now because my Cellphne just wont take good pictures. I'll try and get some more to you! You take care! Jasmine and Ashley

04-19-2009 2:26:48 PM CST
I LOVE to get pictures and keep updated on how everybody is doing. So I set up this message board just for that reason. You can post notes and pictures and tell stories. Lets make this a fun place!!

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